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Sip Savor Satisfaction

Two Thanksgivings ago I had an experience I often dreamed, but never imagine would come true.  I met my biological family.  I also learned my biological father looked for me and never gave up on finding me.  He even  left a message for me with my stepmother.  I faced and resolved family issues with my adopted family, as well.  It was a whirlwind holiday!

Over the next two years, my life would be completely turned upside down with the birth of my grandchildren.  Life’s little pause buttons.  I am grateful that I was able to journey through the emotions of my past.  I appreciated the experiences, and released or embraced the energy of that moment.  It made room for a new story; a story of love, gratitude, appreciation and satisfaction. 

This holiday season we invite you to SIP. SAVOR. SATISFACTION. Give yourself and the people around you a break.  It is what it is and it is OK!  There are people, places, and things that you love and that love you.  Heck, WE ADORE YOU! :0)

So sit back with your favorite SUNSHINE TEA LOUISIANA selection, and relax in THE KNOWING!



P.S. I will be blogging my story The Journey Home! Stay tuned!!!

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Let The Sunshine In...


A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of Sunshine Teas Louisiana products will continue to be used as support for the adoptee community.  

Sunshine Teas Louisiana is a passionate supporter of  transracial adoptees, same race adoptees and First/Birth Families in need. Funds raised are used to offer DNA testing for Adoptees, rent assistance, utility assistance, family searches, virtual baby showers, assistance to end homelessness, legal fees, and so much more.