All of Sunshine Teas artwork for our labels and our graphic tees and canvas bags is created by new Zealand artist, Gabby Malpas.

Gabby Malpas and Sara Woods, Sunshine Teas Louisiana's owner, are both adoptees.  They are both adopted transracially - which means that they were raised by families of a different race and culture.  Although they live a world apart from one another,  they met and connected on line through their relationshiop with transracial adoption.

Over the years, they have formed a bond through their advocacy for adoptees and their search for answers.  They both work in their home continents on campaigns to purchase DNA kits so adoptees can get answers about their cultural background and possibly their birth families. 

They have both learned through life that their identity involves blending and mixing different elements of life and of culture.

This mixture is the essence of Sunshine Teas, where we blend a tea, a fruit and a flower to create an aromatic and delicious tea experience.

We are now so honored that we have now been gifted with a new "blend" in our business - the blending of Tea and Art.

In our blog, we have written about the beauty of tea and how it in and of itself IS art, but this time, this is not figurative, it is the literal blending of Tea and Art.


Gabby Malpas, artist

Gabby is an Australian artist par excellence.  Sunshine Teas Lousiana is honored to have been chosen to join forces with us to add her art to our packaging.  So when you buy Sunshine Teas, you will not only be getting beautiful Tea, you will also be getting beautiful Art. and supporting adoptees and their quest for answers.

Gabby's art is currently being featured in the fall line for Chatswood Chase Sydney.  Chatswoods Chase is one of the cities premiere shopping centers. 

For more information on Gabby or to purchase some of her amazing art and products visit: